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Security Training Blog

Attention Security Professionals Interested in OSHA certification!

A career in security can be a rewarding experience for the serious officer. Being certified as a NYC guard with you 8 and 16 hour certificates is only the beginning to a rewarding career in this field.

Security Guard Training Includes Role Playing

Studies have shown that individuals who have played through a situation in advance of it actually happening are able to respond more quickly and appropriately. Based upon these findings, role playing is being increasingly incorporated into training and educational programs in both academic and vocational settings.

Israeli self-defense face to face combat tactics course

Liberty security training institute is proud to announce the addition of our newest most popular course, Israeli self-defense face to face combat tactics. We invite all practitioners regardless of their size, strength, or gender to take part in this self-enhancing course.

Types of Security Careers in NYC. Get on the fast track to your success and career in security.

Security is very important in NYC, especially since 9/11. Many companies thru-out New York City depend on union and non union security teams to assist in the always evolving business of security.

How Much will I get paid as a security officer? Tips for pursuing your career in security

On a regular Basis we get asked “How Much will I get paid as a security officer?” the answer is…It varies. Security professionals all start with basic requirements needed to get a NY State security license. What you do to stay relevant in your career is totally up to you.

Become the best security officer you can be!

Security Training in NYC is the first step in beginning a career in the high demand position of security officer. Liberty security training institute is among one of the most trusted schools in the NYC areas specializing in all phases of security training and certification.

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