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I have a Criminal Record, does that disqualify me from getting a license?

Do I need to have my High School Diploma or GED to take the courses with you guys?

Why do you guys need my Social Security Number?

Once I register for the courses online, what will happen?

Someone else paid for my course, and their name is on the receipt. Is that okay?

Are my certifications/security license transferable?

How do I use the Free Course Coupon I received during the 8 Hour Course?

My Security Guard License expired, What do I do now?

My Security Guard License is coming up for expiration, what do I do to renew it?

What do I need to bring to class with me!?

I need to complete Two 8 Hour Annual In Service Training Courses to renew my license. What do I do?

How many days a week is the school opened?

If I am late to class, what will happen?

If I am late to class and I paid online previously, will that payment still count?

If I cannot make it in and need to reschedule, what do I do?

Do you allow Walk-Ins?

I am taking my 8 Hour Annual In-Service Training Course with you guys, how soon do you send the information in to the state?

I took my 8 Hour Annual In-Service Training Course with you guys, however it does not show in the state system/I just received a letter, did you guys send it in?

Do I really have to stay the full duration of the class to receive my certificate?

If I am coming in for my 8 Hour Annual Course, and I do not have my Security License you guys request, what can I bring to the class as proof?

If I paid online and decide not to take the course anymore, what do I need to do to request a refund?

How soon will I get my refund?

I am currently looking on the website at your calendar, but I do not see any days/times available, when will you be giving the next class?

I am currently on your website and I see that the prices are.. I see you have these days.. Is this information true?

I see you guys are located in Brooklyn, is this true?

Is there a dress code?

Is there guaranteed job placement?

I had a license/or took the course before, what do I do to get my license/certificates back?

Is your school a licensed school?

What is a Unique ID Number?

I lost my certificates, how could I get copies?

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