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This place is awesome to get your security guard certification totally legit would recommend to anyone looking for a security job.

Gerald G.,

The instructor was very knowledgeable upon the security industry, with his experience with laws, and current events this gave more insight on what a security guard is expected to know without costing the company or there own personal belongings. moving forward into the next Phase of security training.

Laynad J.,

Real security classes, not fake ones like in other places. I really felt i learned something and the instructor had a lot of experience in security. he showed us some interesting videos.. We had free pizza and drinks for lunch. They are affiliated with some big security companies and were able to hook me up with interview for a job last week.. and I paid less than 40 bucks for the 8 hour class. good deal!

Vania V.,

This school is one of the very few I know of that honestly provides real training. The instructors have real world experience and are actually certified. Some of the students have had to retake this class because the school they went to originally was shut down by NY State. These instructors follow the rules, they never promise anything they do not deliver on and provide helpful employment advice.

Brian J.,

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