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How Much will I get paid as a security officer? Tips for pursuing your career in security

On a regular Basis we get asked “How Much will I get paid as a security officer?” the answer is…It varies. Security professionals all start with basic requirements needed to get a NY State security license. What you do to stay relevant in your career is totally up to you.

There are many specific roles in security. Some of the most well-known include but are not limited to Fire Safety Director, Armed Officer, Doorman/Concierge professionals. All These positions allow you to apply for union-nonunion opportunities.

Below are tips for pursuing your career in security.

Renew or get licensed ASAP:

The two courses needed in order to get your NY State Security license for the first time is the 8 and 16 hour found at this link.

If you already have your License and need to renew it, you must take two 8 hour annuals found at this link and wait for your updated license in the mail.

Once you have completed your certifications, New guards must get finger prints completed by NY State and wait for your license in the mail, which usually takes a month or so.

Apply for Interviews

Usually the security training school you attend will have a program for you to apply for work opportunities. Take advantage of this connection mainly because the security school already has a strong relationship with the security firms they recommend, So they will be more than happy to learn more about you..

Be Professional at All Times

Being a security guard gives you the advantage of meeting many people from different walks of life. Its important you take care of your personnel appearance, meaning clean cut, nicely done hair, clean pressed uniforms always, and a smile! This step is very important when trying to ask for raises once you are working for a firm for over a year.

Get Certified in Other Specialties

Having a NY State Security License is only the beginning. Many officers have stepped up from entry-level positions based on additional expertise and certifications such as Executive/Close Protection Services, Fire Guard Training and Firearms Training.

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